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Argentina - Torneo del Interior Season: Competition overview
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Torneo del Interior
Torneo del Interior B

Torneo del Interior 2012

Teams variations
Lost a place for descenso to Torneo del Interior B 2012:NOA
Gained a place for ascenso from Torneo del Interior B 2011:Litoral

Final results
Lost a place for descenso to Torneo del Interior B 2013:Pampeano


First phase
Zona A
1Cardenales64301172114582014Qualified to quarter finals
2Universitario Tucuman64301138101371611
3Tucuman Lawn Tennis643011059961510
4Tucuman R.C.442021579166197
5Jockey Club Cordoba4420297124-271114Qualified for Zona Descenso quarter finals
6La Tablada442028488-489
7Tala R.C.24103133151-181417
8Universitario Rosario0400491209-1181029

First phase
13/10/2012Jockey Club Cordoba - Universitario Tucuman25-23
13/10/2012La Tablada - Cardenales17-16
13/10/2012Tucuman Lawn Tennis - Tala R.C.50-32
13/10/2012Tucuman R.C. - Universitario Rosario66-26
20/10/2012Cardenales - Jockey Club Cordoba41-27
20/10/2012Tala R.C. - Tucuman R.C.36-27
20/10/2012Universitario Rosario - Tucuman Lawn Tennis21-26
20/10/2012Universitario Tucuman - La Tablada39-37
27/10/2012Cardenales - Universitario Rosario67-29
27/10/2012La Tablada - Tucuman R.C.22-19
27/10/2012Tala R.C. - Universitario Tucuman24-26
27/10/2012Tucuman Lawn Tennis - Jockey Club Cordoba12-38
03/11/2012Cardenales - Tala R.C.48-41
03/11/2012Jockey Club Cordoba - Tucuman R.C.7-45
03/11/2012La Tablada - Tucuman Lawn Tennis8-14
03/11/2012Universitario Tucuman - Universitario Rosario50-15

Zona B
1Duendes8440021756161327Qualified to quarter finals
2Jockey Club Rosario84400189113762514
3Jockey Club Salta8440017787902010
4Santa Fe R.C.6430194118-241016
5Marista R.C.24103131116151610Qualified for Zona Descenso quarter finals
6Liceo Mendoza0400485222-1371131
7Club Sociedad Sportiva0400480187-1071027
8Sporting Club0400478152-741019

First phase
13/10/2012Duendes - Sporting Club66-17
13/10/2012Jockey Club Rosario - Club Sociedad Sportiva66-27
13/10/2012Liceo Mendoza - Santa Fe R.C.12-30
13/10/2012Marista R.C. - Jockey Club Salta32-37
20/10/2012Club Sociedad Sportiva - Duendes12-46
20/10/2012Jockey Club Salta - Liceo Mendoza68-24
20/10/2012Santa Fe R.C. - Marista R.C.6-57
20/10/2012Sporting Club - Jockey Club Rosario22-31
27/10/2012Duendes - Marista R.C.43-17
27/10/2012Liceo Mendoza - Jockey Club Rosario39-62
27/10/2012Santa Fe R.C. - Club Sociedad Sportiva34-26
27/10/2012Sporting Club - Jockey Club Salta16-31
03/11/2012Club Sociedad Sportiva - Jockey Club Salta12-41
03/11/2012Jockey Club Rosario - Marista R.C.30-25
03/11/2012Liceo Mendoza - Duendes10-62
03/11/2012Santa Fe R.C. - Sporting Club24-23

Final phase
Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
Universitario Tucuman
11/10/2012 - 34-30Universitario Tucuman
11/18/2012 - 25-27
Jockey Club SaltaCardenales
Cardenales11/24/2012 - 21-40
11/10/2012 - 30-23
Santa Fe R.C.Duendes
11/10/2012 - 30-16Duendes
11/17/2012 - 23-17
Tucuman R.C.
Jockey Club RosarioDuendes
11/10/2012 - 29-6
Jockey Club Rosario
Tucuman Lawn Tennis

Zona Descenso
Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
Jockey Club Cordoba
11/10/2012 - 35-22Sporting Club
11/17/2012 - 47-16
Sporting ClubClub Sociedad Sportiva
La Tablada11/24/2012 - 13-19
11/10/2012 - 60-5
Club Sociedad Sportiva
Club Sociedad SportivaLiceo Mendoza
Marista R.C.
11/10/2012 - 21-13Universitario Rosario
11/17/2012 - 48-0
Universitario Rosario
Liceo MendozaLiceo Mendoza
11/10/2012 - 22-27
Liceo Mendoza
Tala R.C.