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Argentina - Torneo del Interior Season: Competition overview
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Torneo del Interior

Torneo del Interior 1998

For this season it was decided that:
for Zona A Cordoba, Cuyo, Noa and Rosario would have 4 teams;
For Zona B Noa would have 4 teams, Alto Valle, Entre Rios, Mar del Plata, Nordeste, San Juan and Santa Fe 2 teams, Austral, Centro, Chubut, Cordoba, Cuyo, Formosa, Jujuy, Misiones, Rosario, Sur and UROBA 1 team.

Final results

Alto Valle
Neuquen R.C.Winner or second in Torneo de Alto Valle 1998
Roca R.C.
Universitario TucumanWinner in Torneo regional del NOA 1998
Los TarcosBetween 2nd and 4th place in Torneo regional del NOA 1998
Tucuman Lawn Tennis
Tucuman R.C.
CardenalesBetween 5th and 8th place in Torneo regional del NOA 1998
Jockey Club Salta
Natacion y Gimnasia
Santiago Lawn Tennis
UAR (Austral)
San JorgeWinner in Torneo de la UAR (Austral) 1998
UCR (Cordoba)
Tala R.C.Winner in Torneo de Cordoba 1998
Cordoba A.C.Between 2nd and 4th place in Torneo de Cordoba 1998
Jockey Club Cordoba
La Tablada
Palermo BajoFifth in Torneo de Cordoba 1998
UER (Entre Rios)
Estudiantes ParanàWinner or second in Torneo de la UER (Entre Rios) 1998
Tilcara R.C.
UJR (Jujuy)
Suri R.C.Winner in Torneo de la UJR (Jujuy) 1998
URC (Cuyo)
Marista R.C.Winner in Torneo de la URC (Cuyo) 1998
Liceo MendozaBetween 2nd and 4th place in Torneo de la URC (Cuyo) 1998
Los Tordos
Mendoza R.C.
Teque R.C.Fifth in Torneo de la URC (Cuyo) 1998
URCPBA (Centro)
Los CardosWinner in Torneo de la URCPBA (Centro) 1998
URF (Formosa)
AguaràWinner in Torneo de la URF (Formosa) 1998
URMDP (Mar del Plata)
PueyrredonWinner or second in Torneo de la URMDP (Mar del Plata) 1998
Sporting Club
URNE (Nordeste)
ArandurogaWinner or second in Torneo de la URNE (Nordeste) 1998
UROBA (Oeste de BA)
Los MihurasWinner in Torneo de la UROBA (Oeste de BA) 1998
URR (Rosario)
Jockey Club RosarioWinner in Torneo de la URR (Rosario) 1998
DuendesBetween 2nd and 4th place in Torneo de la URR (Rosario) 1998
Universitario RosarioFifth in Torneo de la URR (Rosario) 1998
URS (Sur)
Club Sociedad SportivaWinner in Torneo de la URS (Sur) 1998
URUMI (Misiones)
Centro CazadoresWinner in Torneo de la URUMI (Misiones) 1998
URVCH (Chubut)
PatoruzuWinner in Torneo de la URVCH (Chubut) 1998
USR (San Juan)
San Juan R.C.Winner or second in Torneo de la USR (San Juan) 1998
USR (Santa Fe)
Santa Fe R.C.Winner or second in Torneo de la USR (Santa Fe) 1998
Universitario Santa Fe

First phase
Zona A1
1Tala R.C.633001085652Qualified to 2nd phase
3Tucuman R.C.231028182-1
4Mendoza R.C.0300341132-91

First phase
05/09/1998Duendes - Tucuman R.C.20-7
05/09/1998Mendoza R.C. - Tala R.C.10-43
12/09/1998Duendes - Mendoza R.C.44-7
12/09/1998Tala R.C. - Tucuman R.C.38-29
19/09/1998Tala R.C. - Duendes27-17
19/09/1998Tucuman R.C. - Mendoza R.C.45-24

Zona A2
1Jockey Club Cordoba432011027923Qualified to 2nd phase
2Marista R.C.4320169654
4Tucuman Lawn Tennis231025686-30

First phase
05/09/1998Jockey Club Cordoba - G.E.R.35-29
05/09/1998Tucuman Lawn Tennis - Marista R.C.22-17
12/09/1998Jockey Club Cordoba - Tucuman Lawn Tennis42-18
12/09/1998Marista R.C. - G.E.R.20-18
19/09/1998G.E.R. - Tucuman Lawn Tennis27-16
19/09/1998Marista R.C. - Jockey Club Cordoba32-25

Zona A3
1Los Tordos63300927814Qualified to 2nd phase
2Cordoba A.C.43201988711
3Universitario Tucuman23102755916

First phase
05/09/1998Logaritmo - Universitario Tucuman13-31
05/09/1998Los Tordos - Cordoba A.C.35-26
12/09/1998Los Tordos - Logaritmo31-27
12/09/1998Universitario Tucuman - Cordoba A.C.19-20
19/09/1998Cordoba A.C. - Logaritmo52-33
19/09/1998Universitario Tucuman - Los Tordos25-26

Zona A4
1Jockey Club Rosario633001077730Qualified to 2nd phase
2La Tablada331111097534
3Los Tarcos331117992-13
4Liceo Mendoza0300382133-51

First phase
05/09/1998La Tablada - Jockey Club Rosario21-28
05/09/1998Los Tarcos - Liceo Mendoza30-28
12/09/1998Jockey Club Rosario - Liceo Mendoza45-37
12/09/1998Los Tarcos - La Tablada30-30
19/09/1998Jockey Club Rosario - Los Tarcos34-19
19/09/1998Liceo Mendoza - La Tablada17-58

Zona B1
1Palermo Bajo85401228126102Qualified to 2nd phase
2Santa Fe R.C.8540113510530
3Estudiantes Paranà6530219478116
4Universitario Santa Fe65302122123-1
5Los Mihuras2510477232-155
6Tilcara R.C.05005118210-92

First phase
15/08/1998Estudiantes Paranà - Tilcara R.C.45-17
15/08/1998Palermo Bajo - Los Mihuras82-8
15/08/1998Universitario Santa Fe - Santa Fe R.C.22-35
29/08/1998Palermo Bajo - Universitario Santa Fe39-21
29/08/1998Santa Fe R.C. - Estudiantes Paranà19-13
29/08/1998Tilcara R.C. - Los Mihuras37-41
05/09/1998Los Mihuras - Santa Fe R.C.10-27
05/09/1998Tilcara R.C. - Palermo Bajo24-56
05/09/1998Universitario Santa Fe - Estudiantes Paranà22-20
12/09/1998Estudiantes Paranà - Los Mihuras63-10
12/09/1998Palermo Bajo - Santa Fe R.C.41-20
12/09/1998Universitario Santa Fe - Tilcara R.C.34-21
19/09/1998Estudiantes Paranà - Palermo Bajo53-10
19/09/1998Los Mihuras - Universitario Santa Fe8-23
19/09/1998Santa Fe R.C. - Tilcara R.C.34-19

Zona B2
1Santiago Lawn Tennis8440025876182Qualified to 2nd phase
2Jockey Club Salta4420299102-3
3Suri R.C.4320150188-138
5Natacion y Gimnasia030036098-38

First phase
15/08/1998Jockey Club Salta - Cardenales36-21
15/08/1998Santiago Lawn Tennis - Suri R.C.148-3
29/08/1998Natacion y Gimnasia - Santiago Lawn Tennis29-42
29/08/1998Suri R.C. - Jockey Club Salta18-12
05/09/1998Cardenales - Natacion y Gimnasia32-10
05/09/1998Santiago Lawn Tennis - Jockey Club Salta42-27
12/09/1998Natacion y Gimnasia - Suri R.C.Cancelled
12/09/1998Santiago Lawn Tennis - Cardenales26-17
19/09/1998Jockey Club Salta - Natacion y Gimnasia24-21
19/09/1998Suri R.C. - Cardenales29-28

Zona B3
1Aranduroga643011427963Qualified to 2nd phase
2Universitario Rosario6430124692154
4Centro Cazadores2410398209-111

First phase
15/08/1998Centro Cazadores - Aguarà26-22
15/08/1998Taraguy - Aranduroga18-15
29/08/1998Aguarà - Taraguy0-30
29/08/1998Universitario Rosario - Centro Cazadores92-26
05/09/1998Aranduroga - Universitario Rosario25-17
05/09/1998Centro Cazadores - Taraguy19-29
12/09/1998Centro Cazadores - Aranduroga27-66
12/09/1998Universitario Rosario - Aguarà99-19
19/09/1998Aguarà - Aranduroga17-36
19/09/1998Taraguy - Universitario Rosario22-38

Zona B4
1Teque R.C.1055001485296Qualified to tie break
3San Juan R.C.653021467373
4Roca R.C.45203100964
5Neuquen R.C.2510479152-73
6Los Cardos0500535210-175

First phase
08/08/1998Neuquen R.C. - Roca R.C.20-27
08/08/1998San Juan R.C. - U.N.S.J.9-16
08/08/1998Teque R.C. - Los Cardos57-3
15/08/1998Los Cardos - Roca R.C.12-35
15/08/1998Neuquen R.C. - San Juan R.C.14-33
15/08/1998Neuquen R.C. - U.N.S.J.17-64
15/08/1998Roca R.C. - U.N.S.J.15-24
15/08/1998Roca R.C. - San Juan R.C.14-17
15/08/1998Teque R.C. - San Juan R.C.17-10
28/08/1998Neuquen R.C. - Teque R.C.9-23
28/08/1998U.N.S.J. - Los Cardos22-3
30/08/1998Roca R.C. - Teque R.C.9-23
30/08/1998San Juan R.C. - Los Cardos77-12
12/09/1998Los Cardos - Neuquen R.C.5-19
12/09/1998U.N.S.J. - Teque R.C.21-28

Zona B5
1Club Sociedad Sportiva64301896623Qualified to tie break
2Sporting Club643011087038
4Pueyrredon R.C.241031218536
5San Jorge2410348139-91

First phase
08/08/1998San Jorge - Club Sociedad Sportiva11-10
08/08/1998Sporting Club - Pueyrredon R.C.25-21
15/08/1998Patoruzu - Club Sociedad Sportiva10-28
15/08/1998Pueyrredon R.C. - San Jorge55-5
15/08/1998Sporting Club - San Jorge43-14
29/08/1998Club Sociedad Sportiva - Pueyrredon R.C.24-21
29/08/1998Patoruzu - Sporting Club8-16
05/09/1998Club Sociedad Sportiva - Sporting Club27-24
05/09/1998San Jorge - Patoruzu18-31
12/09/1998Pueyrredon R.C. - Patoruzu24-31

Tie breaker
Tie breaker
Club Sociedad Sportiva
9/19/1998 - 37-39Teque R.C.
Teque R.C.

Second phase
Zona 1
1La Tablada4220061853Qualified for semifinals
2Tala R.C.22101352510

Second phase
26/09/1998Aranduroga - Tala R.C.10-32
03/10/1998La Tablada - Aranduroga46-5
10/10/1998Tala R.C. - La Tablada3-15

Zona 2
1Jockey Club Cordoba42200685216Qualified for semifinals
2Cordoba A.C.2210176688
3Palermo Bajo020025579-24

Second phase
26/09/1998Palermo Bajo - Jockey Club Cordoba25-30
03/10/1998Cordoba A.C. - Palermo Bajo49-30
10/10/1998Jockey Club Cordoba - Cordoba A.C.38-27

Zona 3
1Marista R.C.42200583325Qualified for semifinals
2Los Tordos221013742-5
3Teque R.C.020024060-20

Second phase
26/09/1998Teque R.C. - Los Tordos19-25
03/10/1998Marista R.C. - Teque R.C.35-21
10/10/1998Los Tordos - Marista R.C.12-23

Zona 4
1Duendes42200612041Qualified for semifinals
2Jockey Club Rosario2210157498
3Santiago Lawn Tennis020024493-49

Second phase
26/09/1998Santiago Lawn Tennis - Jockey Club Rosario34-47
03/10/1998Duendes - Santiago Lawn Tennis46-10
10/10/1998Jockey Club Rosario - Duendes10-15

Final phase
La Tablada
10/17/1998 - 27-47Jockey Club Cordoba
10/24/1998 - 25-13
Jockey Club CordobaJockey Club Cordoba
Marista R.C.
10/17/1998 - 29-25
Marista R.C.