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Argentina - Nacional de Clubes B Season: Competition overview
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Nacional de Clubes
Nacional de Clubes B

Nacional de Clubes B 2018

Teams variations
Gained a place for descenso from Nacional de Clubes 2017:Litoral
Lost a place for ascenso to Nacional de Clubes 2018:URBA (Buenos Aires)
Lost a place for descenso to Torneo del Interior 2018:NOA
Gained a place for ascenso from Torneo del Interior 2017:UCR (Cordoba)

Final results
Winner:Urú Curé

First phase
Zona 1
1G.E.R.1964021861345212Qualified to quarter finals
2Urú Curé166303162173-1122
3Universitario Tucuman146303159155402
4San Martin96204155200-4510

First phase
10/03/2018G.E.R. - Urú Curé38-33
10/03/2018San Martin - Universitario Tucuman26-36
17/03/2018G.E.R. - San Martin59-19
17/03/2018Urú Curé - Universitario Tucuman40-27
24/03/2018Universitario Tucuman - G.E.R.24-18
25/03/2018San Martin - Urú Curé27-22
30/03/2018Urú Curé - San Martin26-49
31/03/2018G.E.R. - Universitario Tucuman30-24
07/04/2018Universitario Tucuman - San Martin31-17
07/04/2018Urú Curé - G.E.R.17-15
14/04/2018San Martin - G.E.R.17-26
14/04/2018Universitario Tucuman - Urú Curé17-24

Zona 2
1Sporting Club2165011621184410Qualified to quarter finals
3Old Boys116204129174-4512
4Palermo Bajo106204139173-3402

First phase
10/03/2018Lomas - Sporting Club26-49
10/03/2018Palermo Bajo - Old Boys30-7
17/03/2018Old Boys - Sporting Club13-19
17/03/2018Palermo Bajo - Lomas29-32
25/03/2018Lomas - Old Boys50-22
25/03/2018Sporting Club - Palermo Bajo25-21
31/03/2018Old Boys - Lomas26-24
31/03/2018Palermo Bajo - Sporting Club24-15
07/04/2018Old Boys - Palermo Bajo41-25
07/04/2018Sporting Club - Lomas28-14
14/04/2018Lomas - Palermo Bajo53-10
14/04/2018Sporting Club - Old Boys26-20

Zona 3
1C.A.S.I.2265012451747111Qualified to quarter finals
2Los Tordos176402200203-310
3Old Christians1463032342171711
4Jockey Club Salta16006136221-8501

First phase
10/03/2018C.A.S.I. - Los Tordos59-28
10/03/2018Old Christians - Jockey Club Salta57-29
17/03/2018Los Tordos - Jockey Club Salta47-25
17/03/2018Old Christians - C.A.S.I.44-56
24/03/2018Old Christians - Los Tordos27-28
25/03/2018Jockey Club Salta - C.A.S.I.20-24
31/03/2018C.A.S.I. - Jockey Club Salta32-21
31/03/2018Los Tordos - Old Christians35-46
07/04/2018Jockey Club Salta - Old Christians12-20
07/04/2018Los Tordos - C.A.S.I.21-17
14/04/2018C.A.S.I. - Old Christians57-40
14/04/2018Jockey Club Salta - Los Tordos29-41

Zona 4
1Regatas Bella Vista2164021931058832Qualified to quarter finals
2Mar del Plata R.C.1864021511302111
3Estudiantes Paranà126303125161-3600
4Cordoba A.C.56105105178-7301

First phase
10/03/2018Estudiantes Paranà - Mar del Plata R.C.20-34
10/03/2018Regatas Bella Vista - Cordoba A.C.33-24
17/03/2018Estudiantes Paranà - Regatas Bella Vista14-10
17/03/2018Mar del Plata R.C. - Cordoba A.C.19-20
24/03/2018Cordoba A.C. - Estudiantes Paranà15-33
24/03/2018Regatas Bella Vista - Mar del Plata R.C.43-21
30/03/2018Estudiantes Paranà - Cordoba A.C.26-21
31/03/2018Mar del Plata R.C. - Regatas Bella Vista19-17
07/04/2018Cordoba A.C. - Regatas Bella Vista8-38
07/04/2018Mar del Plata R.C. - Estudiantes Paranà29-13
14/04/2018Cordoba A.C. - Mar del Plata R.C.17-29
14/04/2018Regatas Bella Vista - Estudiantes Paranà52-19

Final phase
Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
Sporting Club
5/5/2018 - 14-48Los Tordos
5/26/2018 - 22-25
Los TordosUrú Curé
Regatas Bella Vista6/30/2018 - 23-21
5/5/2018 - 17-19
Urú Curé
Urú CuréUrú Curé
5/5/2018 - 38-17G.E.R.
5/26/2018 - 39-23
Mar del Plata R.C.
5/5/2018 - 19-14

Zona Descenso