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Argentina - Nacional de Clubes B Season: Competition overview
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Nacional de Clubes
Nacional de Clubes B

Nacional de Clubes B 2017

Final results
Winner:Atletico del Rosario
Lost a place for ascenso to Nacional de Clubes 2018:URBA (Buenos Aires)
Lost a place for descenso to Torneo del Interior 2018:NOA


First phase
Zona 1
1C.A.S.I.1964021811592221Qualified to quarter finals
2Atletico del Rosario1764021901662410
3Universitario Salta1663031851483713
4Old Boys56105127210-8301

First phase
11/03/2017Atletico del Rosario - Old Boys35-26
11/03/2017C.A.S.I. - Universitario Salta26-23
18/03/2017Atletico del Rosario - C.A.S.I.29-23
18/03/2017Old Boys - Universitario Salta24-23
25/03/2017Universitario Salta - Atletico del Rosario35-22
26/03/2017C.A.S.I. - Old Boys44-33
01/04/2017Atletico del Rosario - Universitario Salta38-35
01/04/2017Old Boys - C.A.S.I.7-40
08/04/2017C.A.S.I. - Atletico del Rosario34-24
08/04/2017Universitario Salta - Old Boys26-24
15/04/2017Old Boys - Atletico del Rosario13-42
15/04/2017Universitario Salta - C.A.S.I.43-14

Zona 2
1Pucarà2866002117713440Qualified to quarter finals
2Old Christians1763121651026321
3Jockey Club Villa Maria106123114137-2311

First phase
11/03/2017Cardenales - Old Christians0-32
11/03/2017Jockey Club Villa Maria - Pucarà27-35
18/03/2017Cardenales - Jockey Club Villa Maria6-6
18/03/2017Old Christians - Pucarà10-17
25/03/2017Jockey Club Villa Maria - Old Christians20-20
26/03/2017Pucarà - Cardenales48-11
01/04/2017Cardenales - Pucarà7-48
01/04/2017Old Christians - Jockey Club Villa Maria33-26
08/04/2017Jockey Club Villa Maria - Cardenales25-6
08/04/2017Pucarà - Old Christians26-12
15/04/2017Old Christians - Cardenales58-13
15/04/2017Pucarà - Jockey Club Villa Maria37-10

Zona 3
1Alumni2164111971356221Qualified to quarter finals
2Jockey Club Cordoba1562311461341210
3Jockey Club Salta136222146147-101
4Sporting Club76105114187-7303

First phase
11/03/2017Alumni - Jockey Club Cordoba34-23
11/03/2017Jockey Club Salta - Sporting Club23-16
18/03/2017Jockey Club Salta - Alumni33-43
18/03/2017Sporting Club - Jockey Club Cordoba26-29
25/03/2017Jockey Club Cordoba - Jockey Club Salta14-14
26/03/2017Alumni - Sporting Club52-10
01/04/2017Jockey Club Salta - Jockey Club Cordoba22-22
01/04/2017Sporting Club - Alumni21-19
08/04/2017Alumni - Jockey Club Salta26-25
08/04/2017Jockey Club Cordoba - Sporting Club35-15
15/04/2017Jockey Club Cordoba - Alumni23-23
15/04/2017Sporting Club - Jockey Club Salta26-29

Zona 4
1La Plata R.C.2365101651046110Qualified to quarter finals
2Jockey Club Rosario2064021671244322
3Mar del Plata R.C.1362041221081423
4Liceo Mendoza2601588206-11800

First phase
11/03/2017Jockey Club Rosario - La Plata R.C.11-27
11/03/2017Liceo Mendoza - Mar del Plata R.C.3-27
18/03/2017Liceo Mendoza - Jockey Club Rosario25-40
18/03/2017Mar del Plata R.C. - La Plata R.C.21-28
25/03/2017Jockey Club Rosario - Mar del Plata R.C.22-15
26/03/2017La Plata R.C. - Liceo Mendoza26-14
01/04/2017Liceo Mendoza - La Plata R.C.19-19
01/04/2017Mar del Plata R.C. - Jockey Club Rosario7-13
08/04/2017Jockey Club Rosario - Liceo Mendoza52-19
08/04/2017La Plata R.C. - Mar del Plata R.C.34-10
15/04/2017La Plata R.C. - Jockey Club Rosario31-29
15/04/2017Mar del Plata R.C. - Liceo Mendoza42-8

Final phase
Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
5/20/2017 - 31-33Jockey Club Cordoba
7/1/2017 - 20-11
Jockey Club CordobaJockey Club Cordoba
C.A.S.I.7/29/2017 - 22-36
5/20/2017 - 13-20
Jockey Club Rosario
Jockey Club RosarioAtletico del Rosario
5/20/2017 - 16-27Atletico del Rosario
7/1/2017 - 43-25
Atletico del Rosario
La Plata R.C.Atletico del Rosario
5/20/2017 - 17-8
La Plata R.C.
Old Christians

Zona Descenso
Liceo Mendoza
5/20/2017 - 57-15
Liceo Mendoza