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Japan - National championship Season: Competition overview
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Kyushu Regional Top League 2014/15

Teams variations
Relegated from Top League 2013/14:Kyuden Voltex
Promoted to Top League 2014/15:Munakata Sanix Blues
Relegated to Lower Leagues 2014/15:Nippon Steel Yawata
Promoted from Lower Leagues 2013/14:Fukuoka Bank

Final results
Relegated to Lower Leagues 2015/16:Kagoshima Bank

Regular season
1Kyuden Voltex3066004815542673660Qualified for playoff
2Chugoku Electric Power22640226486178391242
3Mazda Blue Zoomers20640227795182421431
4Thunders JR196402149162-13242230Qualified for playout
5Mitsubishi Heavy Industries106204110290-180164620
6Fukuoka Bank5610596322-226125010
7Kagoshima Bank0600635402-36756100

Regular season
06/09/2014Chugoku Electric Power - Thunders JR22-3
06/09/2014Kyuden Voltex - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries121-0
07/09/2014Fukuoka Bank - Mazda Blue Zoomers14-78
13/09/2014Kagoshima Bank - Kyuden Voltex0-99
14/09/2014Fukuoka Bank - Chugoku Electric Power7-64
14/09/2014Mazda Blue Zoomers - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries63-7
20/09/2014Kyuden Voltex - Thunders JR84-0
21/09/2014Mazda Blue Zoomers - Kagoshima Bank96-0
21/09/2014Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Chugoku Electric Power10-40
04/10/2014Kyuden Voltex - Chugoku Electric Power40-36
04/10/2014Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Thunders JR17-45
05/10/2014Kagoshima Bank - Fukuoka Bank7-38
12/10/2014Chugoku Electric Power - Mazda Blue Zoomers15-19
12/10/2014Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Kagoshima Bank24-0
12/10/2014Thunders JR - Fukuoka Bank24-6
25/10/2014Thunders JR - Mazda Blue Zoomers19-12
26/10/2014Kagoshima Bank - Chugoku Electric Power7-87
26/10/2014Kyuden Voltex - Fukuoka Bank97-10
01/11/2014Mazda Blue Zoomers - Kyuden Voltex9-40
02/11/2014Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Fukuoka Bank52-21
02/11/2014Thunders JR - Kagoshima Bank58-21

Second phase
Top League A playoff
1Kyuden Voltex102200104198515320Qualified for Challenge 1
2Chugoku Electric Power521012765-384910Qualified for Challenge 2
3Mazda Blue Zoomers020023380-4751200

Second phase
15/11/2014Kyuden Voltex - Mazda Blue Zoomers53-19
22/11/2014Chugoku Electric Power - Mazda Blue Zoomers27-14
29/11/2014Kyuden Voltex - Chugoku Electric Power51-0

Top League A playout
1Thunders JR1533001822216028330
2Mitsubishi Heavy Industries103201137568121920
3Fukuoka Bank5310239121-8251810Qualified for playout
4Kagoshima Bank0300317176-15922600

Second phase
15/11/2014Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Fukuoka Bank52-23
15/11/2014Thunders JR - Kagoshima Bank90-7
22/11/2014Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Kagoshima Bank70-7
22/11/2014Thunders JR - Fukuoka Bank66-0
29/11/2014Thunders JR - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries26-15
30/11/2014Fukuoka Bank - Kagoshima Bank16-3