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Japan - National championship Season: Competition overview
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Kyushu Regional Top League 2013/14

Teams variations
Relegated from Top League 2012/13:Fukuoka Sanix Blues
Promoted to Top League 2013/14:Coca-Cola West Red Sparks
Relegated to Lower Leagues 2013/14:Fukuoka Bank - Yamagataya
Promoted from Lower Leagues 2012/13:Kagoshima Bank - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Final results

Regular season
1Fukuoka Sanix Blues3066005202649480460Qualified for playoff
2Mazda Blue Zoomers246501242109133371440
3Chugoku Electric Power20640219712077271831
4Thunders JR15630320314063302030Qualified for playout
5Mitsubishi Heavy Industries106204159287-128234320
6Nippon Steel Yawata5610564343-279105510
7Kagoshima Bank2600684444-360146711

Regular season
07/09/2013Thunders JR - Fukuoka Sanix Blues0-57
08/09/2013Chugoku Electric Power - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries35-22
08/09/2013Mazda Blue Zoomers - Nippon Steel Yawata67-8
14/09/2013Kagoshima Bank - Chugoku Electric Power12-73
14/09/2013Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Mazda Blue Zoomers17-49
15/09/2013Nippon Steel Yawata - Fukuoka Sanix Blues0-96
21/09/2013Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Fukuoka Sanix Blues7-119
22/09/2013Kagoshima Bank - Mazda Blue Zoomers21-64
22/09/2013Thunders JR - Chugoku Electric Power7-24
12/10/2013Nippon Steel Yawata - Thunders JR19-52
13/10/2013Fukuoka Sanix Blues - Mazda Blue Zoomers47-12
13/10/2013Kagoshima Bank - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries27-47
20/10/2013Chugoku Electric Power - Nippon Steel Yawata52-0
20/10/2013Fukuoka Sanix Blues - Kagoshima Bank139-7
20/10/2013Mazda Blue Zoomers - Thunders JR33-3
26/10/2013Kagoshima Bank - Thunders JR7-106
26/10/2013Nippon Steel Yawata - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries22-66
27/10/2013Mazda Blue Zoomers - Chugoku Electric Power17-13
03/11/2013Chugoku Electric Power - Fukuoka Sanix Blues0-62
03/11/2013Nippon Steel Yawata - Kagoshima Bank15-10
03/11/2013Thunders JR - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries35-0

Second phase
Top League A playoff
1Fukuoka Sanix Blues102200179617327020Qualified for Challenge 1
2Mazda Blue Zoomers421012891-6331300Qualified for Challenge 2
3Chugoku Electric Power0200213123-11011800

Second phase
17/11/2013Fukuoka Sanix Blues - Chugoku Electric Power101-0
24/11/2013Mazda Blue Zoomers - Chugoku Electric Power22-13
01/12/2013Fukuoka Sanix Blues - Mazda Blue Zoomers78-6

Top League A playout
1Thunders JR1533002283819036630
2Kagoshima Bank10320184136-52132220
3Mitsubishi Heavy Industries531025590-3591410Qualified for playout
4Nippon Steel Yawata1300353156-10392510

Second phase
17/11/2013Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Nippon Steel Yawata38-10
17/11/2013Thunders JR - Kagoshima Bank102-12
24/11/2013Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Kagoshima Bank17-35
24/11/2013Thunders JR - Nippon Steel Yawata81-26
01/12/2013Nippon Steel Yawata - Kagoshima Bank17-37
01/12/2013Thunders JR - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries45-0