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Kyushu Regional Top League 2003/04

Regular season
1Coca-Cola West Red Sparks3066004564441260Qualified for playoff
2Kyuden Voltex2565013377426350
3Chugoku Electric Power2064023332369740
4Mitsubishi Mizushima10620491296-20520
5Mazda Blue Zoomers106204124675720
6Mitsubishi Heavy Industries66105109373-26420Qualified for playout
7Thunders JR4610568428-36000

Regular season
06/09/2003Coca-Cola West Red Sparks - Mitsubishi Mizushima83-9
06/09/2003Mazda Blue Zoomers - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries45-17
06/09/2003Thunders JR - Chugoku Electric Power12-74
13/09/2003Kyuden Voltex - Mitsubishi Mizushima83-0
13/09/2003Mazda Blue Zoomers - Thunders JR63-10
13/09/2003Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Coca-Cola West Red Sparks0-101
20/09/2003Chugoku Electric Power - Mitsubishi Mizushima83-24
20/09/2003Kyuden Voltex - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries69-5
21/09/2003Coca-Cola West Red Sparks - Thunders JR132-0
09/11/2003Mazda Blue Zoomers - Chugoku Electric Power16-40
16/11/2003Coca-Cola West Red Sparks - Chugoku Electric Power95-20
16/11/2003Kyuden Voltex - Mazda Blue ZoomersHome team
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16/11/2003Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Mitsubishi Mizushima24-43
22/11/2003Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Thunders JR51-13
23/11/2003Chugoku Electric Power - Kyuden Voltex14-77
23/11/2003Mazda Blue Zoomers - Coca-Cola West Red SparksAway team
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30/11/2003Kyuden Voltex - Coca-Cola West Red Sparks15-45
30/11/2003Mitsubishi Mizushima - Thunders JR15-23
07/12/2003Chugoku Electric Power - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries102-12
07/12/2003Kyuden Voltex - Thunders JR93-10
07/12/2003Mazda Blue Zoomers - Mitsubishi MizushimaAway team
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Second phase
Top League A playoff
1Kyuden Voltex9220099138610Qualified for Challenge 1
2Coca-Cola West Red Sparks6210180364411Qualified for Challenge 2
3Chugoku Electric Power0200217147-13000

Second phase
14/12/2003Coca-Cola West Red Sparks - Chugoku Electric Power67-17
21/12/2003Kyuden Voltex - Chugoku Electric Power80-0
28/12/2003Coca-Cola West Red Sparks - Kyuden Voltex13-19