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Czech Republic U20
Czech national U20 team.
Location: Praha
Official Web Site
Matches archive
Rugby Europe U20 Qualification30/11/2019Switzerland U20 - Czech Republic U2017-45
Minor Tests & Friendly Matches21/09/2019Czech Republic U20 - Slovakia36-29
Rugby Europe U20 Trophy02/09/2017Czech Republic U20 - Poland U2017-25
Rugby Europe U20 Trophy30/08/2017Czech Republic U20 - Latvia U2037-7
Rugby Europe U20 Trophy27/08/2017Czech Republic U20 - Luxembourg U2018-6
Rugby Europe U20 Qualification13/12/2019Poland U20 - Czech Republic U20
Honours list
CompetitionTitlesRunners up
U20 European Tournament 12
Team History
2019Competition not yet finished in Rugby Europe U20 Qualification
2017Second in Rugby Europe U20 Trophy
2015Third in U20 European Cup
2014Winner in U20 European Tournament
2013Finalist in U20 European Tournament
2012Finalist in U20 European Tournament (promoted to U19 European Championship)
2011Defeated in Center Pool - 3rd place final Center Pool in U20 European Tournament
2010Second in Group A in U20 European Tournament
2009Defeated in Group B - Final Group B in U20 European Tournament
2007Winner in Group B - Final Group B - final phase in U20 European Tournament
2006Fourth in U20 European Championship Group B
2005Defeated in 3rd place final Cup in U20 European Championship Group B
2002Winner in 3rd place final in U20 European Tournament