- The history of rugby through its competitions
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Winners Major Tours Test Matches Women tests
CompetitionWinnersRunners upFormatResult
High performance national teams tournaments
Six NationsIrelandWalesRound Robin
The Rugby ChampionshipNew ZealandSouth AfricaRound Robin
Junior national teams tournaments
Junior World ChampionshipFrance U20England U20Final33-25
Oceania U20 ChampionshipNew Zealand U20Australia U20Round Robin
Rugby Europe U20 ChampionshipPortugal U20Spain U20Final25-3
Rugby Europe U18 ChampionshipGeorgia U18France U18Final8-3
Sudamericano U20Uruguay U20Chile U20Round Robin
RAN U19 tournamentMexico U19USA South U19Round Robin
U20 Barthes TrophyNamibia U20Tunisia U20Round Robin
Junior World Rugby TrophyFiji U20Samoa U20Final58-8
Junior South America Rugby CupArgentina U19Uruguay U20Final39-10
U20 Six NationsFrance U20England U20Round Robin
World Rugby Development tournaments
Americas Pacific ChallengeSamoa AArgentina XVRound Robin
Pacific Nations CupFijiTongaRound Robin
Nations CupUruguayArgentina XVRound Robin
Pacific ChallengeFiji WarriorsJunior JapanRound Robin
High performance internazional clubs tournaments
European Rugby Champions CupLeinsterRacing 92Final15-12
European Rugby Challenge CupCardiff BluesGloucesterFinal31-30
Continental ShieldEnisei STMHeidelberger RKFinal24-20
Super RugbyCrusadersLionsFinal37-18
High performance sevens national teams tournaments
Sevens World SeriesSouth Africa 7sFiji 7sPoints table
Rugby World Cup 7sNew Zealand 7sEngland 7sFinal33-12
Commonwealth Games 7sNew Zealand 7sFiji 7sFinal14-0
High performance women national teams tournaments
Women's Six NationsFrance WomenEngland WomenRound Robin
High performance women national teams 7s tournaments
Women's Rugby World Cup 7sNew Zealand Women 7sFrance Women 7sFinal29-0
Women's Sevens World SeriesAustralia Women 7sNew Zealand Women 7sPoints table
Women's Commnwealth Games 7sNew Zealand Women 7sAustralia Women 7sFinal17-12

Major Tours
2018 Wales tour to America
2018 Ireland tour to Australia
2018 Italy tour to Japan
2018 France tour to New Zealand
2018 England tour to South Africa
2018 Scotland tour to Americas
2018 Russia tour to Americas
2018 New Zealand tour to Japan and Europe
2018 Maori All Blacks tour to Americas
2018 South Africa tour to British Isles and France
2018 New Zealand Women tour to United States and France
2018 Uruguay tour to Europe
2018 United States Women tour to British Isles
2018 Australia tour to Europe
2018 Argentina tour to Europe
2018 Fiji tour to Europe
2018 Samoa tour to Europe
2018 Tonga tour to Europe
2018 Namibia tour to Europe
2018 Japan tour to England
2018 United States tour to Europe
2018 Russia tour to British Isles
2018 Canada Women tour to British Isles

Test Matches
02/06/2018South Africa - Wales20-22
09/06/2018Argentina - Wales10-20
09/06/2018Australia - Ireland18-9
09/06/2018Canada - Scotland10-48
09/06/2018Japan - Italy34-17
09/06/2018New Zealand - France52-11
09/06/2018South Africa - England42-39
09/06/2018United States - Russia62-13
16/06/2018Argentina - Wales12-30
16/06/2018Australia - Ireland21-26
16/06/2018Canada - Russia20-43
16/06/2018Japan - Italy22-25
16/06/2018New Zealand - France26-13
16/06/2018South Africa - England23-12
16/06/2018United States - Scotland30-29
23/06/2018Argentina - Scotland15-44
23/06/2018Australia - Ireland16-20
23/06/2018Canada - United States17-42
23/06/2018Fiji - Tonga19-27
23/06/2018Japan - Georgia28-0
23/06/2018New Zealand - France49-14
23/06/2018South Africa - England10-25
27/10/2018New Zealand - Australia37-20
03/11/2018England - South Africa12-11
03/11/2018Ireland - Italy54-7
03/11/2018Japan - New Zealand31-69
03/11/2018Wales - Scotland21-10
10/11/2018England - New Zealand15-16
10/11/2018France - South Africa26-29
10/11/2018Ireland - Argentina28-17
10/11/2018Italy - Georgia28-17
10/11/2018Russia - Namibia47-20
10/11/2018Scotland - Fiji54-17
10/11/2018United States - Samoa29-30
10/11/2018Wales - Australia9-6
17/11/2018England - Japan35-15
17/11/2018France - Argentina28-13
17/11/2018Georgia - Samoa27-19
17/11/2018Ireland - New Zealand16-9
17/11/2018Italy - Australia7-26
17/11/2018Romania - United States5-31
17/11/2018Scotland - South Africa20-26
17/11/2018Spain - Namibia34-13
17/11/2018Uruguay - Fiji7-68
17/11/2018Wales - Tonga74-24
24/11/2018England - Australia
24/11/2018France - Fiji
24/11/2018Georgia - Tonga
24/11/2018Ireland - United States
24/11/2018Italy - New Zealand
24/11/2018Japan - Russia
24/11/2018Portugal - Namibia
24/11/2018Romania - Uruguay
24/11/2018Scotland - Argentina
24/11/2018Spain - Samoa
24/11/2018Wales - South Africa

Women tests
21/01/2018Scotland Women - Spain WomenCancelled
18/08/2018Australia Women - New Zealand Women11-31
25/08/2018New Zealand Women - Australia Women45-17
03/11/2018United States Women - New Zealand Women6-67
04/11/2018Italy Women - Scotland Women38-0
09/11/2018England Women - United States Women57-5
09/11/2018France Women - New Zealand Women0-14
10/11/2018Wales Women - South Africa Women19-5
11/11/2018Spain Women - Hong Kong Women60-5
16/11/2018Wales Women - Hong Kong Women65-0
17/11/2018France Women - New Zealand Women30-27
17/11/2018Spain Women - South Africa Women17-5
18/11/2018England Women - Canada Women27-19
18/11/2018Ireland Women - United States Women10-19
24/11/2018England Women - Ireland Women
24/11/2018Wales Women - Canada Women
25/11/2018Italy Women - South Africa Women
27/11/2018Scotland Women - Canada Women