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Welsh Cup

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It is a knock out competition played by welsh clubs. It has been the first official competition organized by WRU.
Until 2008/09 season it was played by every club.
In the period 2009/10 - 2011/12 it was played by Premiership and Division 1 teams.
Since 2012/13 it is played by Premiership and Championship teams.

In 1997, after premiership reduction to 8 teams, a new competition was created to let premiership teams play some more games.
It was named Challenge Trophy and some foreign teams were invited to play.
It was not a success as no team fielded the best XV and it was abandoned after only two seasons.

In 2015 a premiership league cup (Fosters Cup) was introduced to let premiership teams play during British & Irish Cup weekends.

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2015/16Llandovery (2)Carmarthen QuinsFinal25-18
2014/15Bridgend Ravens (3)PontypriddFinal19-15
2013/14Pontypridd (6)Cross KeysFinal21-8
2012/13Pontypridd (5)NeathFinal34-13
2011/12Cross Keys (1)PontypriddFinal32-19
2010/11Pontypridd (4)AberavonFinal35-24
2009/10Llanelli (14)Carmarthen QuinsFinal20-8
2008/09Neath (6)LlanelliFinal27-21
2007/08Neath (5)PontypriddFinal28-22
2006/07Llandovery (1)Cardiff RugbyFinal20-18
2005/06Pontypridd (3)NeathFinal26-25
2004/05Llanelli (13)PontypriddFinal25-24
2003/04Neath (4)CaerphillyFinal36-13
2002/03Llanelli Scarlets (12)NewportFinal32-9
2001/02Pontypridd (2)Llanelli ScarletsFinal20-17
2000/01Newport (2)NeathFinal13-8
1999/00Llanelli Scarlets (11)SwanseaFinal22-12
1998/99Swansea (3)Llanelli ScarletsFinal37-10
1997/98Llanelli Scarlets (10)Ebbw ValeFinal19-12
1996/97Cardiff Rugby (7)SwanseaFinal33-26
1995/96Pontypridd (1)NeathFinal29-22
1994/95Swansea (2)PontypriddFinal17-12
1993/94Cardiff Rugby (6)Llanelli ScarletsFinal15-8
1992/93Llanelli Scarlets (9)NeathFinal21-18
1991/92Llanelli Scarlets (8)SwanseaFinal16-7
1990/91Llanelli Scarlets (7)PontypoolFinal24-9
1989/90Neath (3)BridgendFinal16-10
1988/89Neath (2)Llanelli ScarletsFinal14-13
1987/88Llanelli Scarlets (6)NeathFinal28-13
1986/87Cardiff Rugby (5)SwanseaFinal16-15
1985/86Cardiff Rugby (4)NewportFinal28-21
1984/85Llanelli Scarlets (5)Cardiff RugbyFinal15-14
1983/84Cardiff Rugby (3)NeathFinal24-19
1982/83Pontypool (1)SwanseaFinal18-6
1981/82Cardiff Rugby (2)BridgendFinal12-12
1980/81Cardiff Rugby (1)BridgendFinal14-6
1979/80Bridgend (2)SwanseaFinal15-9
1978/79Bridgend (1)PontypriddFinal18-12
1977/78Swansea (1)NewportFinal13-9
1976/77Newport (1)Cardiff RugbyFinal16-15
1975/76Llanelli Scarlets (4)SwanseaFinal16-4
1974/75Llanelli Scarlets (3)AberavonFinal15-6
1973/74Llanelli Scarlets (2)AberavonFinal12-10
1972/73Llanelli Scarlets (1)Cardiff RugbyFinal30-7
1971/72Neath (1)Llanelli ScarletsFinal15-9

Related trophies

Fosters Cup
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2015/16Pontypridd (1)BedwasFinal38-34
TeamTitlesRunners up
WRU Challenge Trophy
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
1998/99Llanelli Scarlets (1)PontypriddFinal41-18
1997/98Pontypridd (1)Cardiff RugbyFinal15-12
TeamTitlesRunners up
Llanelli Scarlets10
Cardiff Rugby01


www.bbc.com - BBC site
www.wru.co.uk - WRU official site
www.allwalessport.co.uk/rugby-union.aspx - Site about welsh rugby
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rugby_union_in_Wales - Wikipedia pages about welsh rugby
Every site was scanned using also web.archive.org
Many results were found on the official sites of Premiership and Championship clubs and on Rothmans Rugby Union Yearbook of various years.