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Polish Cup

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It was the main knock-out competition for polish clubs.
It was abandoned in 2013 and revamped in 2016 to let the teams play in the autumn season while passing from an autumn-spring season to a spring-autumn season.
On this occasion, it was played separately by each division.

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2016Budowlani SA Lodz (6)Ogniwo SopotFinal17-6
2012/13Lechia Gdansk (12)Arka GdyniaFinal27-22
2011/12Budowlani SA Lodz (5)Lechia GdanskFinal24-19
2010/11Budowlani SA Lodz (4)Arka GdyniaFinal16-3
2009/10Arka Gdynia (1)Budowlani SA LodzFinalW.O.
2008/09Budowlani SA Lodz (3)Lechia GdanskFinal43-24
2007/08Lechia Gdansk (11)Budowlani SA LodzFinal22-17
2006/07AZS AWF Warsawa (3)Lechia GdanskFinalW.O.
2005/06Lechia Gdansk (10)AZS AWF WarsawaFinal27-24
2004/05Lechia Gdansk (9)AZS AWF WarsawaFinal24-22
2003/04Lechia Gdansk (8)AZS AWF WarsawaFinal24-3
2002/03Budowlani SA Lodz (2)MKS OlsztynFinal85-0
2001/02Budowlani Lublin (1)Orkan SochaczewFinal24-3
2000/01Ogniwo Sopot (9)Budowlani LublinFinal19-13
1999/00AZS AWFiS Gdansk (1)Lechia GdanskFinal22-15
1998/99Ogniwo Sopot (8)AZS AWF WarsawaFinal16-14
1997/98Ogniwo Sopot (7)AZS AWF WarsawaFinal18-15
1996/97Lechia Gdansk (7)Ogniwo SopotFinal31-3
1995/96Lechia Gdansk (6)Ogniwo SopotFinal11-9
1994/95Ogniwo Sopot (6)Lechia GdanskFinal17-8
1993/94Lechia Gdansk (5)Ogniwo SopotFinal23-0
1992/93Ogniwo Sopot (5)Lechia GdanskFinal18-3
1991/92Budowlani SA Lodz (1)Ogniwo SopotFinal14-7
1990/91Ogniwo Sopot (4)Budowlani LublinFinal34-13
1988/89Ogniwo Sopot (3)Budowlani SA LodzFinal60-9
1987/88Ogniwo Sopot (2)Lechia GdanskFinal4-0
1986/87Ogniwo Sopot (1)Vis SiedlceFinal45-9
1985/86Lechia Gdansk (4)AZS AWF WarsawaFinal12-0
1984/85Lechia Gdansk (3)Posnania PoznanFinal17-0
1983/84Lechia Gdansk (2)RC Czarni BytomFinal17-6
1982/83AZS AWF Warsawa (2)Lechia GdanskFinal4-3
1981/82RC Czarni Bytom (1)Lechia GdanskFinal16-7
1980/81AZS AWF Warsawa (1)Budowlani SA LodzFinal34-3
1979/80Polonia Poznan (5)SKRA WarsawaFinal9-3
1978/79Polonia Poznan (4)SKRA WarsawaFinal48-6
1977/78Polonia Poznan (3)Lechia GdanskFinal21-6
1976/77Lechia Gdansk (1)Budowlani SA LodzFinal19-10
1975/76SKRA Warsawa (1)RC Czarni BytomFinal45-4
1974/75Polonia Poznan (2)Posnania PoznanFinal15-7
1973/74Posnania Poznan (1)SKRA WarsawaFinal15-12
1970/71Polonia Poznan (1) Round Robin 

Related trophies

I Liga Cup
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2016SKRA Warsawa (1)KS Budowlani LodzFinal40-20
TeamTitlesRunners up
SKRA Warsawa10
KS Budowlani Lodz01


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