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It is the main competition for Ukrainian clubs, but also Moldovan clubs played in the past years.

During the Soviet period an Ukrainian SSR was played by the best teams, while minor teams played the amateur Cup and Championship. In the first years Kiev teams organized a championship of their own.
Anyway the best teams played in the Soviet competitions too.

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2019Olimp Kharkiv (15)Kredo-63 OdessaRound Robin 
2018Olimp Kharkiv (14)Podillya KhmelnyckyjRound Robin 
2017Olimp Kharkiv (13)Podillya KhmelnyckyjFinal34-8
2016Olimp Kharkiv (12)Kredo-63 OdessaMultiple final 
2015Olimp Kharkiv (11)Kredo-63 OdessaMultiple final 
2014Olimp Kharkiv (10)Kredo-63 OdessaMultiple final 
2013Olimp Kharkiv (9)Kredo-63 OdessaMultiple final 
2012Olimp Kharkiv (8)Kredo-63 OdessaRound Robin 
2011Olimp Kharkiv (7)Kredo-63 OdessaMultiple final 
2010Olimp Kharkiv (6)Kredo-63 OdessaRound Robin 
2009Olimp Kharkiv (5)Kredo-63 OdessaMultiple final 
2008/09Olimp Kharkiv (4)Kredo-63 OdessaMultiple final 
2007/08Olimp Kharkiv (3)Kredo-63 OdessaRound Robin 
2007Kredo-63 Odessa (1)Olimp KharkivRound Robin 
2006Olimp Kharkiv (2)Aviator KyivRound Robin 
2005Legion-KhTZ Kharkiv (1)Argo-NAU KyivRound Robin 
2004Argo-NAU Kyiv (8)Legion-KhTZ KharkivFinal13-3
2003Argo-NAU Kyiv (7)Aviator KyivRound Robin 
2002Argo-NAU Kyiv (6)KhTZ KharkivRound Robin 
2001Argo-NAU Kyiv (5)KhTZ KharkivRound Robin 
2000Argo-NAU Kyiv (4)Dana-Politekhnik KyivRound Robin 
1999Argo-KMUCA Kyiv (3)Tytany KharkivRound Robin 
1998Argo-KMUCA Kyiv (2)Tytany KharkivRound Robin 
1997Argo-KMUCA Kyiv (1)Politekhnik Top Service KyivFinal12-5
1996/97Politekhnik Kyiv (6)Argo-KMUCA KyivRound Robin 
1995/96Politekhnik Kyiv (5)Argo-KMUCA KyivRound Robin 
1994/95Politekhnik Kyiv (4)Argo-KMUCA KyivRound Robin 
1994Politekhnik Kyiv (3)Argo-KIICA KyivRound Robin 
1993Politekhnik Kyiv (2)Argo-KIICA KyivMultiple final 
1992Politekhnik Kyiv (1)Feniks KyivMultiple final 

Related trophies

Ukrainan SSR Championship
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
1991KPI Kiev (4)Feniks KievRound Robin 
1990Aviator Kiev (17)KPI KievRound Robin24-4
1989Aviator Kiev (16)KPI KievRound Robin 
1988KPI Kiev (3)KhTZ KharkovRound Robin 
1987Aviator Kiev (15)KPI KievRound Robin 
1986Aviator Kiev (14)Sokol LvovRound Robin 
1985Aviator Kiev (13)KhTZ KharkovRound Robin 
1984Aviator Kiev (12)Sokol LvovRound Robin 
1983Aviator Kiev (11)Sokol LvovRound Robin 
1982Aviator Kiev (10)Sokol LvovRound Robin 
1981Aviator Kiev (9)KPI KievRound Robin 
1980Aviator Kiev (8)KPI KievRound Robin 
1979KPI Kiev (2)Sokol LvovRound Robin 
1978Aviator Kiev (7)KPI KievRound Robin 
1977KIIGA Kiev (6)Spartak KharkovRound Robin 
1976Burevestnik Kiev (1)SKA KievRound Robin 
1975KPI Kiev (1)Strojteli LvovRound Robin 
1974KIIGA Kiev (5)KPI KievRound Robin 
1973Spartak Kiev (4)Dinamo KievRound Robin 
1972Spartak Kiev (3)KPI KievRound Robin 
1971Dinamo Kiev (5)Spartak KievFinal0-0
1970Spartak Kiev (2)Dinamo KievRound Robin 
1969Dinamo Kiev (4)Spartak KievRound Robin 
1968Dinamo Kiev (3)Spartak KievRound Robin 
1967Dinamo Kiev (2)Spartak KievRound Robin 
1966Spartak Kiev (1)SKA KievRound Robin 
1965Dinamo Kiev (1)Spartak KievRound Robin 
Kiev Championship
TeamTitlesRunners up
KIIGA Kiev81
Dinamo Kiev26
KPI Kiev01
Dnepr Kiev01
Amateur Ukrainian SSR Cup
Amateur Ukrainian SSR Championship


www.rugby.org.ua - Ukrainian Union official site
uk.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chempionat_Ukrainy_z_regbi - wikipedia pages about the Ukrainian championship
rugger.info - Site about rugby in Ukraine
credo63.com - Site about rugby in Odessa
Every site was scanned using also web.archive.org
Many news and results have been taken from the book "Dovidnyk z regbi" by Taras Dacko.