- The history of rugby through its competitions
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It was born as the main competition for US clubs.
During the years many attempts were made to create professional or semi professional leagues, nation wide like Rugby Super League and Pro Rugby or regional like Pacific Rugby Premiership, American Rugby Premiership and California Cup.
For this reason the main clubs did not always take part to the championship or they played with the 2nd XVs.

Since 2013/14 USA Rugby is geographically divided into 8 regions:
  • Atlantic North, including Connecticut, Maine, Massachussets, New Hampshier, northern New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.
  • Mid Atlantic, including D.C., Deleware, Maryland, southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.
  • Midwest, including Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin.
  • South, including Alabama, Carolinas, Florida, Georgia, southern Louisiana, Mississipi and Tennessee. In these years there are no D1 teams from this region.
  • Frontier, including Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming. In these years there are no D1 teams from this region.
  • Red River, including Arkansas, northern Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas.
  • Pacific Coast, including northern California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.
  • Southern California, including Arizona, southern California and New Mexico.

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2018/19Life Running Eagles (4)Austin BlacksFinal28-27
2017/18Mystic River (2)Belmont ShoreFinal25-24
2016/17Austin Huns (1)New York Athletic ClubFinal27-23
2015/16Mystic River (1)Austin BlacksFinal45-33
2014/15New York Athletic Club (1)Austin BlacksFinal44-39
2013/14Life Running Eagles (3)New OrleansFinal39-7
2012/13Life Running Eagles (2)Old Puget Sound BeachFinal27-26
2011/12Belmont Shore (1)Glendale RaptorsFinal34-11
2010/11Glendale Raptors (1)Olympic Club BluesFinal20-15
2009/10Las Vegas Blackjacks (1)Belmont ShoreFinal36-22
2008/09Gentlemen of Aspen (5)Las Vegas BlackjacksFinal25-10
2007/08Life Running Eagles (1)Glendale RaptorsFinal15-14
2006/07Hayward Griffins (1)Austin BlacksFinal30-16
2005/06Santa Monica Dolphins (2)Boston Irish WolfhoundsFinal57-19
2004/05Santa Monica Dolphins (1)Back BayFinal42-14
2003/04Boston Irish Wolfhounds (2)Austin BlacksFinal27-8
2002/03Boston Irish Wolfhounds (1)San MateoFinal14-5
2001/02San Mateo (2)Austin BlacksFinal37-3
2000/01San Mateo (1)New York Athletic ClubFinal22-10
1999/00Gentlemen of Aspen (4)Hayward GriffinsFinal42-34
1998/99Gentlemen of Aspen (3)Golden GateFinal30-13
1997/98Gentlemen of Aspen (2)New York Old BlueFinal47-12
1996/97Gentlemen of Aspen (1)New York Old BlueFinal31-25
1995/96Old Mission Beach A.C. (6)Old Blues BerkeleyFinal23-12
1994/95Potomac Athletic Club (1)Old Mission Beach A.C.Final16-12
1993/94Old Mission Beach A.C. (5)Life Running EaglesFinal30-16
1992/93Old Mission Beach A.C. (4)Milwaukee HarlequinsFinal30-13
1991/92Old Blues Berkeley (8)Mystic RiverFinal32-9
1990/91Old Mission Beach A.C. (3)WashingtonFinal12-9
1989/90Denver Barbarians (1)Old Blues BerkeleyFinal15-9
1988/89Old Mission Beach A.C. (2)Philadelphia WhitemarshFinal19-9
1987/88Old Mission Beach A.C. (1)Milwaukee HarlequinsFinal29-12
1986/87Old Blues Berkeley (7)Pittsburgh HarlequinsFinal28-10
1985/86Old Blues Berkeley (6)New York Old BlueFinal20-0
1984/85Milwaukee Harlequins (1)Denver BarbariansFinal10-4
1983/84Dallas Harlequins (1)Los Angeles RCFinal31-12
1982/83Old Blues Berkeley (5)Dallas HarlequinsFinal23-0
1981/82Old Blues Berkeley (4)Denver BarbariansFinal13-6
1980/81Old Blues Berkeley (3)New York Old BlueFinal9-3
1979/80Old Blues Berkeley (2)St. Louis FalconsFinal???
1978/79Old Blues Berkeley (1)St. Louis FalconsFinal???


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