- The history of rugby through its competitions
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Russia - National championship

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It is the main competition for russian clubs.

During the soviet period a Russian Federation SSR championship was organized but Moscow and Leningrad had their own championship.
Anyway the best teams played in the Soviet competitions and took part to the regional competitions with the 2nd XVs or they did not play at all.

Related trophies

Moscow Championship
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
1984MAI Moskva (4) Round Robin 
1983??? Round Robin 
1982??? Round Robin 
1981??? Round Robin 
1980??? Round Robin 
1979??? Round Robin 
1978??? Round Robin 
1977??? Round Robin 
1976Slava Moskva (1)Lokomotiv MoskvaRound Robin 
1975Fili Moskva (6)Slava MoskvaRound Robin 
1974Fili Moskva (5)Dinamo MoskvaRound Robin 
1973Fili Moskva (4)Dinamo MoskvaRound Robin 
1972Fili Moskva (3)Dinamo MoskvaRound Robin 
1971Fili Moskva (2)Spartak MoskvaRound Robin 
1970Fili Moskva (1)MAI MoskvaRound Robin 
1969Spartak Moskva (1)Fili MoskvaRound Robin 
1968MVTU Moskva (6)Dinamo MoskvaRound Robin 
1967MVTU Moskva (5)VVS MoskvaRound Robin 
1966MVTU Moskva (4)MAI MoskvaRound Robin 
1965MVTU Moskva (3)MAI MoskvaRound Robin 
1964MVTU Moskva (2)MAI MoskvaRound Robin 
1963MAI Moskva (3) Round Robin 
1962MAI Moskva (2)MVTU MoskvaRound Robin 
1961MVTU Moskva (1)MAI MoskvaRound Robin 
1960MAI Moskva (1)Trud MoskvaRound Robin 
1948Dinamo Moskva (7)Spartak MoskvaRound Robin 
1947Dinamo Moskva (6)Burevestnik MoskvaRound Robin 
1946Burevestnik Moskva (2) Round Robin 
1941Dinamo Moskva (5)Burevestnik MoskvaFinal11-3
1940Burevestnik Moskva (1) Round Robin 
1939Dinamo Moskva (4)Spartak MoskvaRound Robin 
1938Dinamo Moskva (3)Spartak MoskvaRound Robin 
1937Dinamo Moskva (2)Vysshaja Shkola VCIKFinal17-0
1936Lokomotiv Moskva (1) Round Robin 
1935Dinamo Moskva (1)Burevestnik MoskvaRound Robin 
Leningrad Championship
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
1988Elektronmash Leningrad (10) Round Robin 
1987Primoretz Leningrad (9)Izhoretz KolpinoRound Robin 
1986??? Round Robin 
1985Primoretz Leningrad (8)LGU LeningradRound Robin 
1984Primoretz Leningrad (7)Izhoretz KolpinoRound Robin 
1983Primoretz Leningrad (6) Round Robin 
1982Primoretz Leningrad (5)LGU LeningradRound Robin 
1981Primoretz Leningrad (4)LGU LeningradRound Robin 
1980Primoretz Leningrad (3)Zhdanovetz LeningradRound Robin 
1979Primoretz Leningrad (2) Round Robin 
1978Primoretz Leningrad (1)Zhdanovetz LeningradRound Robin 
1977Zhdanovetz Leningrad (2)Primoretz LeningradRound Robin 
1976Zhdanovetz Leningrad (1)Primoretz LeningradRound Robin 
1975Voenmeh Leningrad (10)Primoretz LeningradRound Robin 
1974LMI Leningrad (9)Zhdanovetz LeningradRound Robin 
1973LMI Leningrad (8)LGU LeningradRound Robin 
1972LMI Leningrad (7)Zhdanovetz LeningradRound Robin 
1971LMI Leningrad (6)Zhdanovetz LeningradRound Robin 
1970LMI Leningrad (5)Spartak LeningradRound Robin 
1969LMI Leningrad (4)LGU LeningradRound Robin 
1968LMI Leningrad (3)Spartak LeningradRound Robin 
1966LMI Leningrad (2)Spartak LeningradRound Robin 
1965Spartak Leningrad (2)LMI LeningradRound Robin 
1964Spartak Leningrad (1)Trud LeningradRound Robin 
1963LMI Leningrad (1)LSGMI LeningradRound Robin 
Russian Federation SSR Championship
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
1990Sibtyazhmash Krasnoyarsk (1) Round Robin 
1989ETS Krasnoyarsk (8)Raduga TaganrogRound Robin 
1988ETS Krasnoyarsk (7)VVA MoninoRound Robin 
1987ETS Krasnoyarsk (6)VVA MoninoRound Robin 
1986VVA Monino (11) Round Robin 
1985Raduga Taganrog (1) Round Robin 
1984ETS Krasnoyarsk (5) Round Robin 
1983VVA Monino (10)Urozhaj Moskovskaja oblastjRound Robin 
1982ETS Krasnoyarsk (4)SMI-Burevestnik NovokuznetskRound Robin 
1981ETS Krasnoyarsk (3)Politekhnik Joshkar-OlaRound Robin 
1980Politekhnik Krasnoyarsk (2)VVA MoninoRound Robin 
1979VVA Monino (9)Politekhnik KrasnoyarskRound Robin 
1978VVA Monino (8)Politekhnik KrasnoyarskRound Robin 
1977Politekhnik Krasnoyarsk (1)VVA MoninoRound Robin 
1976Universitet Naljchik (2)VVA MoninoRound Robin 
1975Universitet Naljchik (1)VVA MoninoRound Robin 
1974VVA Monino (7)Politekhnik KrasnoyarskRound Robin 
1973VVA Monino (6)Rodina KhimkiRound Robin 
1972VVA Monino (5)Spartak NaljchikRound Robin 
1971VVA Monino (4)Spartak NaljchikRound Robin 
1970VVA Monino (3)Spartak NaljchikRound Robin 
1969VVA Monino (2)Trud KhimkiRound Robin 
1968VVA Monino (1)Zenit KhimkiRound Robin 


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