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Rugby 7s has been introduced in the Pacific Games program since the 1999 edition in Santa Rita.
Since the 2011 edition in Noumea, the women's tournament was introduced.

It was introduced also in the Mini Pacific Games (a smaller edition, organized by smaller countries) in the 1997 edition in Pago Pago. It was then dropped and reintroduced since the 2009 edition in Rarotonga.

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2015Fiji 7s (4)Samoa 7sFinal33-7
2011Samoa 7s (1)Fiji 7sFinal21-19
2007Fiji 7s (3)Samoa 7sFinal26-19
2003Fiji 7s (2)Cook Islands 7sFinal43-10
1999Fiji 7s (1)Papua New Guinea 7sFinal40-12
TeamTitlesRunners up
Fiji 7s41
Samoa 7s12
Cook Islands 7s01
Papua New Guinea 7s01

Related trophies

Women's Pacific Games
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2015Fiji Women 7s (2)Australia Women 7sFinal12-10
2011Fiji Women 7s (1)Samoa Women 7sFinal23-7
TeamTitlesRunners up
Fiji Women 7s20
Samoa Women 7s01
Australia Women 7s01
Pacific Mini Games
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2017Samoa 7s (4)Fiji 7sFinal14-7
2013Samoa 7s (3)Fiji 7sFinal31-12
2009Samoa 7s (2)Fiji 7sFinal38-12
1997Samoa 7s (1)American Samoa 7sFinal 
TeamTitlesRunners up
Samoa 7s40
Fiji 7s03
American Samoa 7s01


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