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The tournament is an annual series of international rugby sevens torunaments run by World Rugby and featuring national sevens teams.
Teams compete for the Sevens World Series title by accumulating points based on their finishing position in each tournament.
A group of 15 "core teams" is announced for each season, based on performances in the previous season, and each core team has a guaranteed place in all of that season's events. The core teams have been selected through a designated promotion/relegation process since the 2012-13 season.
Through the 2011/12 series, the number of core teams was 12, but this number was expanded to 15 for 2012/13.
Until 2019 the qualifier tournament for a place in the following season core teams was a single tournament played in Hong Kong. Since 2020 the Challenger Seven Series was introduced.

The season championship is determined by points earned in each tournament.
World Rugby introduced a new scoring system for the 2011/12 series, in which all teams participating in a tournament are guaranteed points:
  • Cup winner (1st place): 22 points
  • Cup runner-up (2nd place): 19 points
  • Cup third-place play-off winner (3rd place): 17 points
  • Cup third-place play-off loser (4th place): 15 points
  • Plate winner (5th place): 13 points
  • Plate runner-up (6th place): 12 points
  • Losing Plate semi-finalists (joint 7th place): 10 points
  • Bowl winner (9th place): 8 points
  • Bowl runner-up (10th place): 7 points
  • Losing Bowl semi-finalists (joint 11th place): 5 points
  • Shield winner (13th place): 3 points
  • Shield runner-up (14th place): 2 points
  • Losing Shield semi-finalists (joint 15th place): 1 point

If two or more teams are level on series points at the end of the season, the following tiebreakers are used to determine placement
  • Overall difference in points scored and allowed during the season.
  • Total try count during the season.
  • If neither of the above produces a winner, the teams are considered tied.


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