- The history of rugby through its competitions
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Torneo regional patagonico

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It is the main regional competition for clubs from URAVRNyN (Alto Valle), UAR (Austral), URVCH (Chubut) and URLS (Lagos del Sur).
Unlike the other regional tournaments, it is played with the ascenso/descenso mechanism to determine the partecipant teams.
Since 2014 it is an official tournament of the argentine federation.
It is one of the seven qualifying tournaments for Nacional de Clubes and Torneo del Interior.


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www.unionderugbyaustral.com.ar - Official site of Austral union.
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www.bigorniaclub.com.ar - Official site of Bigornia R.C.
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www.elchubut.com.ar/seccion/diario-deportes - El Chubut online edition.
www.barilochense.com/deportivo/rugby - Site about Lagos del Sur rugby.
fanaticosdelrugby.com.ar - Site about rugby in Patagonia.
eldiariodemadryn.com/secciones/deportes - El Diario de Madryn online edition.
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