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Campeonato Argentino

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It is a competition played by provincial union selections. Sometimes it was played by teams and/or selections from outside Argentina.

The league pyramid

The last reform of the league pyramid was in 2013. Since 2014 season the league structure is the following:

Level 1 Zona Campeonato
6 teams - 1 relegation
Level 2 Zona Ascenso
10 teams - 1 promotion and 1 relegation
Level 3 Zona Estimulo
9 teams - 1 promotion

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2016Buenos Aires (36)CuyoRound Robin 
2015Buenos Aires (35)CordobaRound Robin 
2014Tucuman (11)CordobaRound Robin 
2013Tucuman (10)RosarioFinal33-20
2012Cordoba (7)RosarioFinal29-15
2011Cordoba (6)Buenos AiresFinal18-16
2010Tucuman (9)RosarioFinal19-13
2009Cordoba (5)TucumanFinal15-12
2008Buenos Aires (34)TucumanFinal10-9
2007Buenos Aires (33)TucumanFinal27-10
2006Buenos Aires (32)TucumanFinal34-10
2005Tucuman (8)CuyoFinal28-9
2004Cuyo (1)Buenos AiresRound Robin 
2003Buenos Aires (31)RosarioRound Robin 
2002Buenos Aires (30)RosarioRound Robin 
2001Cordoba (4)Buenos AiresFinal30-20
2000Buenos Aires (29)TucumanFinal35-16
1999Buenos Aires (28)TucumanRound Robin 
1998Buenos Aires (27)CordobaRound Robin 
1997Cordoba (3)Buenos AiresRound Robin 
1996Buenos Aires (26)
Cordoba (2)
 Round Robin 
1995Cordoba (1)TucumanFinal28-24
1994Buenos Aires (25)CordobaFinal22-13
1993Tucuman (7)RosarioFinal24-12
1992Tucuman (6)CordobaFinal16-11
1991Buenos Aires (24)RosarioFinal28-16
1990Tucuman (5)CuyoFinal27-13
1989Tucuman (4)RosarioFinal12-3
1988Tucuman (3)Buenos AiresFinal25-10
1987Tucuman (2)CordobaFinal32-7
1986Buenos Aires (23)TucumanFinal24-15
1985Tucuman (1)Buenos AiresFinal13-9
1984Buenos Aires (22)CordobaFinal19-18
1983Buenos Aires (21)CuyoFinal52-3
1982Buenos Aires (20)TucumanFinal59-19
1981Buenos Aires (19)TucumanFinal32-12
1980Buenos Aires (18)CordobaFinal56-3
1979Buenos Aires (17)RosarioFinal47-8
1978Buenos Aires (16)RosarioFinal31-18
1977Buenos Aires (15)RosarioFinal15-13
1976Buenos Aires (14)CuyoFinal19-9
1975Buenos Aires (13)TucumanFinal42-6
1974Buenos Aires (12)CuyoFinal16-13
1973Buenos Aires (11)CuyoFinal14-0
1972Buenos Aires (10)RosarioFinal33-3
1971Buenos Aires (9)RosarioFinal14-8
1970Buenos Aires (8)CordobaFinal38-0
1969Buenos Aires (7)RosarioFinal22-3
1968Buenos Aires (6)RosarioFinal18-3
1967Buenos Aires (5)RosarioFinal19-9
1966Buenos Aires (4)TucumanFinal38-3
1965Rosario (1)Buenos AiresFinal8-6
1964Buenos Aires (3)RosarioFinal16-12
1963Buenos Aires (2)CordobaFinal9-3
1962Buenos Aires (1)RosarioFinal18-11
1961Mar del Plata (1)RosarioFinal16-6
1960Provincia (11)CapitalFinal17-0
1959Provincia (10)CapitalFinal3-0
1958Capital (5)ProvinciaFinal11-6
1957Capital (4)ProvinciaFinal11-0
1956Provincia (9)La PlataFinal13-9
1955Capital (3)ProvinciaFinal6-3
1954Provincia (8)Eva PeronFinal9-8
1953Capital (2)ProvinciaFinal10-9
1952Provincia (7)CapitalFinal6-0
1951Provincia (6)CapitalFinal16-5
1950Provincia (5)CapitalFinal6-0
1949Provincia (4)CapitalFinal16-12
1948Capital (1)ProvinciaFinal20-18
1947Provincia (3)CapitalFinal18-4
1946Provincia (2)CapitalFinal9-6
1945Provincia (1)CapitalFinal5-4
TeamTitlesRunners up
Buenos Aires367
Mar del Plata10
La Plata02


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