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East Kilbride - Matches archive Opponents archive
2015/16W: 6D: 4L: 13F: 384A: 543
2014/15W: 10D: 1L: 12F: 448A: 492
2008/09W: 0D: 0L: 1F: 18A: 33
2005/06W: 4D: 0L: 20F: 173A: 524
2004/05W: 10D: 0L: 9F: 352A: 335
2003/04W: 9D: 1L: 14F: 352A: 561
2002/03W: 9D: 0L: 11F: 355A: 291
2001/02W: 8D: 0L: 13F: 345A: 459
2000/01W: 9D: 0L: 11F: 427A: 388
1999/00W: 4D: 0L: 6F: 154A: 192
1998/99W: 1D: 0L: 1F: 35A: 34
1997/98W: 2D: 0L: 1F: 81A: 65
1995/96W: 0D: 0L: 1F: 6A: 46
1989/90W: 2D: 2L: 6F: 108A: 150
1988/89W: 1D: 0L: 2F: 24A: 45
1987/88W: 8D: 0L: 4F: 116A: 117
1986/87W: 11D: 0L: 2F: 247A: 118
Matches for season 2000/01
29/04/2001Scotland - Premiership TwoRegular seasonEast Kilbride - Biggar19-10
14/04/2001Scotland - Premiership TwoRegular seasonEast Kilbride - Aberdeen Grammar Rugby19-18
31/03/2001Scotland - Premiership TwoRegular seasonWest of Scotland - East Kilbride21-17
24/03/2001Scotland - Premiership TwoRegular seasonEast Kilbride - Selkirk37-5
10/03/2001Scotland - Premiership TwoRegular seasonStirling County - East Kilbride27-22
24/02/2001Scotland - Premiership TwoRegular seasonEast Kilbride - Edinburgh Accies10-3
18/02/2001Scotland - Premiership TwoRegular seasonEast Kilbride - Ayr20-7
28/01/2001Scotland - Premiership TwoRegular seasonPeebles - East Kilbride24-16
16/12/2000Scotland - Scottish CupRound of 16Heriot's FP - East Kilbride45-22
02/12/2000Scotland - Scottish CupRound of 32East Kilbride - Corstorphine58-6
25/11/2000Scotland - Premiership TwoRegular seasonKelso - East Kilbride27-7
04/11/2000Scotland - Scottish CupRound of 64East Kilbride - Glenrothes21-0
29/10/2000Scotland - Premiership TwoRegular seasonSelkirk - East Kilbride8-3
27/10/2000Scotland - Premiership TwoRegular seasonEast Kilbride - Stirling County26-29
15/10/2000Scotland - Premiership TwoRegular seasonEdinburgh Accies - East Kilbride22-19
30/09/2000Scotland - Premiership TwoRegular seasonEast Kilbride - Peebles44-25
23/09/2000Scotland - Premiership TwoRegular seasonAyr - East Kilbride24-6
16/09/2000Scotland - Premiership TwoRegular seasonEast Kilbride - West of Scotland19-10
09/09/2000Scotland - Premiership TwoRegular seasonAberdeen Grammar Rugby - East Kilbride48-18
02/09/2000Scotland - Premiership TwoRegular seasonEast Kilbride - Kelso24-29
2000/01Scotland - Premiership TwoRegular seasonBiggar - East Kilbride???