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East Kilbride - Matches archive Seasons archive
Aberdeen Grammar RugbyW: 2D: 0L: 4F: 93A: 155
AberdeenshireW: 1D: 0L: 0F: 18A: 9
AlloaW: 1D: 0L: 0F: 12A: 6
AnnanW: 2D: 0L: 1F: 87A: 55
AyrW: 2D: 0L: 3F: 66A: 100
BerwickW: 1D: 1L: 2F: 81A: 105
BiggarW: 4D: 0L: 1F: 71A: 45
BoroughmuirW: 0D: 0L: 1F: 13A: 33
BroughtonW: 1D: 0L: 0F: 33A: 3
CambuslangW: 2D: 0L: 4F: 80A: 100
Cartha Queens ParkW: 2D: 0L: 5F: 104A: 143
CorstorphineW: 2D: 0L: 1F: 92A: 34
Currie ChieftainsW: 0D: 0L: 1F: 8A: 34
DalzielW: 4D: 1L: 1F: 104A: 81
Dumfries SaintsW: 2D: 0L: 3F: 80A: 105
Dundee HSFPW: 4D: 0L: 3F: 111A: 159
DunfermlineW: 4D: 1L: 4F: 128A: 205
Edinburgh AcciesW: 3D: 0L: 3F: 94A: 93
Edinburgh UniversityW: 2D: 0L: 2F: 54A: 61
EllonW: 0D: 0L: 2F: 0A: 87
GalaW: 0D: 0L: 1F: 8A: 21
Glasgow HawksW: 0D: 0L: 1F: 0A: 58
Glasgow High KelvinsideW: 0D: 0L: 2F: 20A: 103
Glasgow SouthernW: 1D: 1L: 0F: 3A: 3
GlenrothesW: 2D: 0L: 0F: 57A: 3
GordoniansW: 0D: 0L: 0F: 0A: 0
GrangemouthW: 4D: 0L: 2F: 91A: 78
Greenock WanderersW: 1D: 0L: 1F: 24A: 22
HaddingtonW: 2D: 1L: 4F: 100A: 112
HamiltonW: 0D: 0L: 2F: 3A: 56
Harris AcademyW: 1D: 0L: 0F: 41A: 18
HawickW: 0D: 0L: 1F: 15A: 28
Hawick YMW: 1D: 0L: 1F: 48A: 32
Heriot's BluesW: 0D: 0L: 1F: 22A: 45
HighlandW: 2D: 0L: 0F: 37A: 10
Hillhead/JordanhillW: 2D: 0L: 2F: 69A: 62
IrvineW: 3D: 1L: 0F: 108A: 81
Jed-ForestW: 0D: 0L: 2F: 23A: 63
KelsoW: 1D: 0L: 3F: 68A: 101
KirkcaldyW: 0D: 0L: 4F: 39A: 106
LangholmW: 1D: 0L: 0F: 15A: 12
LasswadeW: 0D: 0L: 3F: 19A: 84
LeithW: 1D: 0L: 0F: 7A: 3
LivingstonW: 1D: 0L: 5F: 77A: 124
Madras CollegeW: 1D: 0L: 0F: 21A: 6
Morgan AcademyW: 1D: 1L: 0F: 6A: 6
Murrayfield WanderersW: 2D: 0L: 2F: 70A: 47
MusselburghW: 3D: 0L: 5F: 92A: 156
OrkneyW: 0D: 0L: 2F: 37A: 45
PeeblesW: 2D: 0L: 6F: 129A: 150
PerthshireW: 2D: 0L: 3F: 89A: 95
PortobelloW: 0D: 0L: 1F: 4A: 14
Preston LodgeW: 3D: 0L: 4F: 93A: 135
RHC CoguarsW: 4D: 0L: 6F: 154A: 229
Ross HighW: 3D: 0L: 1F: 148A: 38
Royal HighW: 1D: 0L: 0F: 15A: 0
SelkirkW: 2D: 0L: 3F: 103A: 63
StewartryW: 1D: 0L: 0F: 38A: 13
Stewart's MelvilleW: 1D: 0L: 1F: 36A: 31
Stirling WolvesW: 0D: 0L: 3F: 65A: 78
Trinity AcademicalsW: 1D: 0L: 1F: 12A: 32
WatsoniansW: 2D: 0L: 1F: 64A: 76
Waysiders DrumpellierW: 1D: 0L: 0F: 21A: 3
West of ScotlandW: 2D: 1L: 10F: 187A: 275
WigtownshireW: 0D: 0L: 1F: 12A: 17
Matches for season
14/04/2001Scotland - Premiership TwoRegular seasonEast Kilbride - Aberdeen Grammar Rugby19-18
09/09/2000Scotland - Premiership TwoRegular seasonAberdeen Grammar Rugby - East Kilbride48-18
08/04/2000Scotland - Premiership TwoRegular seasonEast Kilbride - Aberdeen Grammar Rugby20-29
25/09/1999Scotland - Premiership TwoRegular seasonAberdeen Grammar Rugby - East Kilbride29-0
21/10/1989Scotland - Division 3Regular seasonAberdeen Grammar Rugby - East Kilbride19-18
17/10/1987Scotland - Division 3Regular seasonAberdeen Grammar Rugby - East Kilbride12-18