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RK Siauliai - Matches archive Opponents archive
2019W: 2D: 0L: 4F: 116A: 156
2018W: 1D: 0L: 8F: 122A: 365
2017W: 7D: 1L: 0F: 186A: 77
2016W: 1D: 0L: 5F: 54A: 334
2015W: 0D: 0L: 0F: 0A: 0
2014W: 1D: 0L: 10F: 152A: 492
2013W: 11D: 0L: 4F: 718A: 330
2012W: 2D: 0L: 0F: 166A: 36
2011W: 4D: 1L: 8F: 302A: 612
2010W: 8D: 0L: 5F: 386A: 335
2009W: 9D: 0L: 3F: 355A: 237
2008W: 7D: 0L: 5F: 275A: 303
2007W: 5D: 1L: 12F: 251A: 655
2006W: 10D: 0L: 8F: 330A: 461
2005W: 11D: 0L: 7F: 519A: 509
2004W: 2D: 0L: 10F: 165A: 337
2003W: 9D: 0L: 4F: 347A: 195
2002W: 7D: 0L: 4F: 321A: 216
2000/01W: 2D: 0L: 2F: 83A: 69
1999/00W: 1D: 0L: 4F: 61A: 132
1998/99W: 2D: 0L: 3F: 42A: 100
1998W: 0D: 0L: 1F: 0A: 0
1997/98W: 1D: 0L: 4F: 51A: 163
1996W: 0D: 0L: 1F: 0A: 0
1995/96W: 1D: 0L: 0F: 26A: 12
1994/95W: 1D: 0L: 3F: 63A: 106
1993W: 0D: 0L: 1F: 7A: 12
1992W: 1D: 0L: 2F: 50A: 83
Matches for season 2019
14/09/2019Lithuania - Top Lyga5th place finalRK Siauliai - Zalgiris Kaunas20-19
31/08/2019Lithuania - Top LygaRegular seasonRK Siauliai - BaltRex Siauliai20-44
24/08/2019Lithuania - Top LygaRegular seasonVairas-Kalvis Siauliai - RK Siauliai25-19
17/08/2019Lithuania - Top LygaRegular seasonRK Siauliai - Miesnieki Riga23-25
10/08/2019Lithuania - Top LygaRegular seasonGarkalne Livonia - RK Siauliai24-11
03/08/2019Lithuania - Top LygaRegular seasonZalgiris Kaunas - RK Siauliai19-23