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Czech Republic - Matches archive Opponents archive
2019W: 1D: 0L: 2F: 86A: 117
2018W: 2D: 0L: 4F: 88A: 138
2017W: 6D: 0L: 1F: 248A: 119
2016W: 4D: 0L: 1F: 137A: 115
2015W: 2D: 1L: 1F: 72A: 68
2014W: 3D: 0L: 1F: 103A: 122
2013W: 1D: 0L: 4F: 57A: 122
2012W: 0D: 0L: 4F: 53A: 113
2011W: 2D: 0L: 4F: 86A: 145
2010W: 3D: 0L: 2F: 100A: 87
2009W: 2D: 1L: 2F: 91A: 90
2008W: 2D: 0L: 5F: 84A: 211
2007W: 0D: 0L: 6F: 40A: 317
2006W: 0D: 0L: 5F: 45A: 171
2005W: 3D: 0L: 4F: 140A: 261
2004W: 1D: 0L: 4F: 56A: 135
2003W: 2D: 0L: 3F: 97A: 166
2002W: 2D: 0L: 2F: 188A: 83
2001W: 6D: 0L: 2F: 273A: 97
2000W: 4D: 0L: 2F: 151A: 125
1999W: 1D: 0L: 1F: 35A: 70
1998W: 0D: 1L: 4F: 87A: 103
1997W: 3D: 0L: 3F: 137A: 154
1996W: 1D: 0L: 4F: 73A: 107
1995W: 0D: 0L: 5F: 69A: 187
1994W: 2D: 0L: 2F: 85A: 147
1993W: 3D: 0L: 3F: 97A: 103
Matches for season 2007
03/11/2007European Nations Cup - Division 1Second legSpain - Czech Republic46-0
19/05/2007European Nations Cup - Division 1First legCzech Republic - Portugal3-23
05/05/2007European Nations Cup - Division 1First legCzech Republic - Spain15-42
21/04/2007European Nations Cup - Division 1First legRussia - Czech Republic62-6
07/04/2007European Nations Cup - Division 1First legGeorgia - Czech Republic98-3
17/03/2007European Nations Cup - Division 1First legCzech Republic - Romania13-46