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Armia Tbilisi - Matches archive Opponents archive
2019/20W: 5D: 0L: 0F: 266A: 30
2018/19W: 6D: 0L: 12F: 273A: 406
2017/18W: 5D: 0L: 15F: 389A: 684
2016/17W: 8D: 0L: 10F: 280A: 346
2015/16W: 5D: 2L: 11F: 312A: 372
2014/15W: 5D: 1L: 14F: 277A: 443
2013/14W: 14D: 1L: 6F: 526A: 328
2012/13W: 17D: 0L: 4F: 668A: 311
2012W: 6D: 0L: 2F: 237A: 100
2011W: 16D: 1L: 3F: 451A: 277
2001W: 2D: 0L: 14F: 105A: 725
2000W: 6D: 1L: 15F: 437A: 522
1999W: 8D: 2L: 17F: 409A: 618
1998W: 14D: 0L: 12F: 448A: 440
1997W: 4D: 0L: 18F: 201A: 586
1996W: 12D: 0L: 2F: 330A: 96
1989W: 12D: 6L: 17F: 414A: 514
1988W: 8D: 1L: 1F: 160A: 82
1983/84W: 0D: 0L: 3F: 7A: 43
1982W: 2D: 0L: 3F: 53A: 69
Matches for season 2019/20
12/10/2019Georgia - First DivisionRegular seasonArtsivebi Ozurgeti - Armia Tbilisi0-41
05/10/2019Georgia - First DivisionRegular seasonArmia Tbilisi - Dinamo Tbilisi16-15
22/09/2019Georgia - First DivisionRegular seasonIveria Tbilisi - Armia Tbilisi10-102
14/09/2019Georgia - First DivisionRegular seasonArmia Tbilisi - Bagrati Kutaisi52-5
07/09/2019Georgia - First DivisionRegular seasonQazbegi Stepantsminda - Armia Tbilisi0-55